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bangalore, karnataka

Item Description: 2 channel paperless recorder shall have the following features similar to model no: fx1002- 7- 2- l/ cc1 of yokogawa make: 1. temperature measurement upto 1750 ? c 2. input universal ( input selectable thermocouple & milliamps ), memory backup minimum 400mb, sd card slot with minimum 1gb sd card. 3. screen tft colour lcd of minimum 5 ? inch size along with calibration correction factor. 4. removable data storage facility on sd card. 5. communication ethernet suitable to network with pc. the necessary software shall be installed in pc for data retrieving & query purpose 6. ambient temperature maximum 50 ? c. 7. rated supply voltage 100vac to 240vac ? 10 %. 8. the recorder shall record the temperature on event base and time base. each channel temperature shall be recorded based on individual event with real time clock & alarm annunciation. the recorder shall be supplied along with daq standard software. 9. programmable trip lines to understand the process at a glance. 10. bar graph marking & alarm marking on trend scale. 11. bar graph- vertical & horizontal settable. 12. display of alarm/ message/ memory 13. tag minimum 12 characters 14. minimum 2 security level shall be provided for admin & users. 15. the operating maintenance, technical catalogue & calibration procedure of the recorder shall be enclosed along with the supply. 16. make: honeywell, yokogawa, eurotherm. 17. warranty: 12 months from the date of supply note: 1. only authorized dealers/ manufacturers to quote. 2. the tenderer shall depute the service engineer for initial setting & confirmation of the parameters as per the specification. 3. payment will be made after confirmation of all the parameters as per the specification at field.

Not Specified. Expires on 20th Sep, 2019