Tenders for turbine in punjab

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batala, punjab

1. Shift the 1000GPM 200mtr. Head Kirloskar make turbine pump with HT motor & electrical from the bottom bench to the bedrock sump of the main patch in Phularitand OCP & reorganize the 8” dia MS pipe range accordingly to maintain the domestic water needs of the peripherical of villages & colonies around the OCP of Phularitand Colliery. 2. Complete repairing of 16ft. lathe machine Batala make Sl. No. 3 of Damoda Workshop. 3. Repairing of vertical drill machine Sl. No. 2 of Damoda Workshop. 4. Dismantling of damaged iron materials of top bunker platform along with supporting materials and repairing the same by fabrication of old iron materials and repairing of damaged base of gear motor in tendam drum & replacing of damaged gear motor of feeder breaker No. 2 of Muraidih Colliery. 5. Different types of pumping and pipe line work i.e. bearing changing replacing of defective motor assembling of parts in 4000GPM pump modification of base- plate & leakage repairing in many places of Muraidih Colliery. 6. Jointing of 6” dia MS pipe from attendance room of OCP up to shambhu hotel near albion filter plant & submerging the same under soil to prevent theft in albion section of Damoda Colliery. 7. Fabrication/ making of 04 nos. of tower light pole height- 40ft. for the purpose of pump lighting of Jarlahi patch & view point lighting of OCP of Phularitand Colliery. 8. Repairing of 400amps GEC make OCB switch type K- 3 550volt Sl. No. 314711/ 178 for controlling of KKC link 03 no. feeder breaker of Phularitand Colliery. 9. Repairing of 11KV/ 400amps HT VCB switch Biecco lawrie make for controlling all main switch Damoda Workshop of Damoda Colliery. 10. Repairing of damaged light set through supply & fitting of LED light set LED bulb and dismantling repairing & refitting of damaged metal light/ HPSV light at Btype Ctype qtrs near Nehru chouk community hall guest house hospital coloney and Regional Hospital, Baghmara Barora Area.

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